Brand Story

Let’s face it; most of us are pet lovers and have at least one as part of our families. They are so adorably cute, playful and loyal, lighting up our lives with their antics. And regardless of the kind of day we have had at the office, in school or at the family business, we end up smiling and shrugging off most of the burdens of the day. All because of him/her.

Imagine being able to carry along a reminder of Carlie, Skippy or Sally during that overnight business trip, vacation or simply to school where at times pets are not allowed… How cool would that be!!

Zippy Pet Art endeavors to put the joy back into everyone’s life through the most amazing gesture ever. We make and sell customized art pieces that feature pets on various products including wall arts, phone cases, beach blankets and other canvases. Of various styles ranging from renaissance portraits to historical, you get to choose your style of choice to suit the gender of your furry friend, upload a good quality photo and then we take it from there.

We use proprietary digital design techniques, and transformative and professional blending processes to ensure that we produce superior quality artwork that is absolutely perfect and takes on a life of its own. This way, even those allergic to fur can also have a taste of having a pet without the side effects of being near one!

Visit us today at and start the journey towards owning an authentic, one of a kind artwork of your pet!